domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

Im about to sleep, after a sensual visit by a long-time friend of Mine. Thanks!: My Heart has been nurtured, My Mind has been intrigued, My Body has been pleased... I will have a good sleep, no doubt!

But... Now, I have to ask you summie for supplies since I am back in Mexico City just for a little while. So I will thank any of My submissives who gives Me two boxes of black latex gloves size "SMALL", as in the picture. Anybody can get them from any "Probell" shop, that is a well known supplier of beauty-professionals. Or from a tatooing supplies store, of course.

Sadly, they are not everywhere. Sadly because they have several features I LOVE: they are strong enough for not rolling over themselves (so besides of being comfortable to wear for long periods, they would be safer). That is apart of that being no less than fashionable black latex, so: beautiful to see, delicious to feel on the skin, more than enough pervy because all of the possibilities they give on fisting and fingering, keeping everything clean and easily ready for the next move.

Im used to spend some 8 or 10 pairs in each session, if it is not precisely about fisting, so they rather would be twice ;-)

But, anyway.

I like the feeling of complete unworry plus the disposability of the thing: your hand can always be clean, no matter the bubbling saliva any unwhorty slave could leave when licking or sucking Your Fingers, your soft skin will always be protected from that or other more dangerous secretion.

Other "agradecibles" things: big cylindric boxes with baby whipes (any trade mark, but big cylindric), Eucerin crema con urea 10% para piel seca, shampoo Pantene cabello lacio, Gel exfoliante de baño (cualquier marca), crema líquida anticelulitis/reafirmante Jergens o Granier Body Tonic (la amarilla, reafirmante).